Purchase of graves

Grave Purchase Process

STEP 1] Hearing about the desired graves

We will ask you about your desired grave size, budget, and headstone design.

STEP 2] Decide where to build the grave.

You will be asked to consider whether you would like to stand in a cemetery or in a cemetery owned by you. In the case of a cemetery, it is possible to purchase from a grave that has already been completed.

STEP 3] Contracting procedures

Once you have decided on the actual grave you wish to have built, we will proceed with the contracting process.

STEP 4] Deposit payment

Once you are fully satisfied with the graves to be built, we will ask you to make a deposit. After that, we will proceed with the manufacturing of the headstone and construction of the cemetery. We will also apply for cemetery permits on your behalf.

STEP 5] Tombstone manufacturing and installation

If necessary, the cemetery is prepared and the manufactured headstones are assembled.

STEP 6] Completion and delivery

After the construction is completed, the customer is asked to actually check the work. Once the customer is satisfied with the work, the balance is settled and the property is handed over to the client.


Please feel free to visit us first.

First, please visit the Urasoe Castle Stone Office located in Maeda, Urasoe City. You can see actual actual graves ranging from small Waryu-type graves to large gable-shaped graves.

Please call us first!

Hours of operation: 10:00-18:00
Closed: Wednesday, Sunday, Holidays