Our Features

Our Features

History of the 50th Anniversary

Urasoe Josetsu Stone has been in business for over 50 years. We have been building graves since the days of the Ryukyu government, before Okinawa was returned to the mainland.
When the company was founded, Okinawa still used dollars and cars drove in the right lane. We have walked with the history of Okinawa and with the history of graves.

那覇 58号線 本土復帰前
那覇市歴史博物館 提供

More than 1,000 graves have been erected.


Urasoe Josetsu Stone has built more than 1,000 graves since its establishment. In the beginning, most of the graves were made of concrete. The size of the graves was also very large, which is unique to Okinawa, and the most common type of graves were gable-shaped and tortoise-shaped graves.
Today, most are made of granite. Traditional Okinawan designs such as kafu and turtle shell tombs are also popular, but mainland-style designs and Waryuki-style tombs that combine both mainland and Okinawan designs are also very popular.

The first king of Ryukyu, near the tomb "Urasoe Yodore".

Our office is located adjacent to Urasoe Yodore, the mausoleum of the first king of Ryukyu. We have developed our tomb business based on this historical location.
It is said that the materials for the stone zushi in the Urasoe Yodore were imported from Fujian Province, China. The granite used in our tombs is also manufactured from high-quality granite imported from Fujian Province, China.
We value this history and tradition and will continue to create graves to the satisfaction of our customers.