630,000 yen grave

Granite graves from 630,000 yen

Waryu 600 type

680,000 yen (tax included) including gravestone and land


Independent and splendid Japanese-style tomb

The Waryukata 600 type is a “Waryukata” design grave that has aspects of both Okinawan and mainland design. It is a small but very fine granite grave, and can hold four 7″ type urns. The price for this grave includes all cemetery and land fees. A separate engraving fee of 33,000 yen will be charged for the basic package.
This is highly recommended for those who have or are considering leaving their bones in an ossuary. The tombs are not enshrined with other remains, but can be used as a single independent grave, allowing for the safe and secure storage of the remains.

Number of urns stored: 4
Funeral chapel: None
Design: Waryukata

Visit a grave at your leisure

As it is a freestanding granite grave, you can also offer incense and prepare offerings. You can also gather together and visit the graves at your leisure when you want to have a seimy or visit the graves. The price is very reasonable and has been loved by many residents of the prefecture for a long time.
It is difficult to convey in photos, etc., so please visit the graves in person and see the quality of these graves.